Radical cure of malignant tumors with traditional Chinese medicine is an inevitable choice for the development of human medicine -- Chen Hailin


Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a cultural heritage with a long history in China. TCM culture has a long history and is broad and profound. As the essence of Chinese culture, the concepts and methods contained in TCM are the treasure of world medicine. As a quintessence of our country, Chinese medicine culture is more and more recognized by the people. Especially with the accelerated aging process, the health service industry is booming, and the people's demand for Chinese medicine services is increasingly strong, so it is urgent to vigorously develop the Chinese medicine health service industry. We will improve the Chinese medicine health care literacy of the general public, expand the field of Chinese medicine services, and let more people "know, trust, and use Chinese medicine.".




Traditional Chinese medicine, which is closely related to the Chinese nation for thousands of years, is not only a prominent advantage of the Chinese nation, but also a treasure of the world's medical culture, providing a window for promoting the dialogue between Chinese and Western civilizations. People have witnessed the magic of traditional Chinese medicine, which not only demonstrates the dual strength of Chinese culture and technology, but also enhances people's sense of identity with excellent traditional culture. "Traditional Chinese medicine is the quintessence and treasure of China. The development of traditional Chinese medicine has a glorious mission and a great responsibility.






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Chen Hailin, the president of Beijing Liminyuan International Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is skilled in medicine and devoted his life to the cause of traditional Chinese medicine to fight cancer. He has established a good reputation in the minds of patients and cured patients all over the country. Conquering various cancers is a life belief that has always supported his continuous progress. No matter how the life stage changes, the belief is consistent.




Chen Hailin was born in August 1955 to a family of intellectuals in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. His father studied physics at Beijing Furen University in his early years. In 1957, both parents became Rightists. The parents sent the young Chen Hailin to the countryside of Shanxi Province. The adoptive father was a farmer who worked hard all his life, mainly in farming. He was a typical Chinese farmer who had no children. He treated Chen Hailin as his own child. The young Chen Hailin grew up under the care of his adoptive father. Until he was 18 years old, his biological parents would take Chen Hailin back to Hangzhou to live in the city after his rehabilitation. Chen Hailin wanted to take his adoptive father back to the city, but for some reason the adoptive father refused. On the one hand, they are facing their biological parents, and on the other hand, they are facing their adoptive father who has nurtured them for more than ten years.



At such a difficult time, Chen Hailin resolutely chose to stay in the countryside and take care of his adoptive father. What a man who values love and justice! Therefore, Chen Hailin's extraordinary life was established. The second year after graduation from senior high school, Chen Hailin students went to the village health center to work. He then took part in the mid-term and long-term training of the commune health center and the county people's hospital to learn clinical knowledge, and the rotation training practice of each department. After passing the various studies, he returned to the village health center, and began to learn acupuncture and moxibustion under the leadership of famous old doctors and uncles from afar. He recognized that traditional Chinese medicines were made into soup, and recognized that they were genuine and fake, and that they were processed. At that time, conditions were limited. The health center took time to save money, and provided and saved itself by planting medicinal materials. uncles and old drug farmers often went up the mountain to pick medicinal materials, Recognizing medicines and identifying the names of wild medicines, Chen Hailin learned a lot of practical knowledge that he didn't have in books but often encountered in reality under the care and education of seniors. After a year or two of ordinary life, he had no spare time to practice. He felt that the more he worked harder, the more he wanted to do. He often accompanied his uncle home to see patients. First, he was seventy-five or six years old, more than fifty years older than he was, Second, I went to the patient's home with my uncle for diagnosis, observation, watching God's tongue coating to feel his pulse, and consultation. In short, it would take an hour to complete a treatment plan for a disease. Chen Hailin, a student, was a little melancholy and steady. After several years of personal leadership by my uncle, I became more and more mature. Slowly, I carefully observed the symptoms, and came to a conclusion: when I checked the need for the medicine again, the old doctor always asked him to know the medicine regret, origin, indications, formulas, taboos, and how to advocate the prescriptions of each of the 500 to 800 traditional Chinese medicines when he taught the students. Uncle said that prescriptions can be prepared at any time. They vary from person to person due to time and illness. A few years later, because of the launch of the national policy, my uncle was moved back to his native place because of his family composition in the early days of the Beijing Cultural Revolution, and returned to Beijing again and again. For several years, Chen Hailin's students' learning achievements around his uncle could not be expressed in words.

在这样的难抉择的时候,陈海林毅然决然选择了留在乡村,照顾养父,多么重情重义的人!就因此并奠定了陈海林不平凡的一生。高中毕业后第二年经村委决定,陈海林学生进村卫生所工作。随即参加公社卫生院本县人民医院的中长期培训学习临床知识,各科室的轮换培训实习,经各项学习合格后回村卫生所,又开始在名老医生,远方伯父的带领下,开始学针灸,认中药背汤头,识别中药真假伪劣及加工炮制,当时条件有限,抽时间卫生所为了节约开支,自供自节,种药材,伯父,老药农经常上山采药材,认药识别野生药的药名,在前辈们亲切关怀教育下陈海林学生学到了很多书本上没有而在现实常常遇到实 践知识,经过一年二年的周而复始的平凡生活,使他锻炼成没有一点多余时间,觉得越充实越努力越想干,他经常陪伯父到家里为患者看病:一是伯父年迈七十五六岁,大他五十多岁,二是跟伯父到病人家看病的诊断,观察,望神看舌苔到把脉,问诊,总之一种病足足得一个小时才能完成一个病情的治疗方案,原来陈海林学生有些惆怅,做事稳重。经过几年在伯父的亲手带领下,愈发成熟多了,慢慢来,细细观察症侯,得出一个结论:再查需要那种药,老医生教学生时,总时要他认识五百至八百味中药的每味中药的药怅,归经,广产地,主治,配方,禁忌,如何主方。伯父讲到处方随时调配,因人因时因病而异,各有千差万别。几年过去了,因国家政策有发动,伯父因家庭成份仍北京文化革命初被迁送回原籍,返次又复职又重返北京。几年来陈海林学生在伯父的身边的学习收获无法用语言来表达。

At the age of 18, Chen Hailin witnessed the death of a neighbor who had a very good relationship because of cancer, which had a great impact on Chen Hailin's soul. One morning, Chen Hailin went for a walk on the nearby mountains to observe the sky. The dark clouds in the sky were vaporized in the sun and finally disappeared into normal white clouds. At this time, Chen Hailin was wondering whether cancer cells can also be vaporized in the human body and turn it into normal physiological cells. In this regard, Chen Hailin embarked on the road of TCM anti-cancer.




Esophageal cancer won the Russian International Gold Award and breast cancer won the Russian International Silver Award.


First, cure the sick and save the people. 2. Don't be greedy for money. 3. Be honest and sincere. 4. Learn according to what you have learned and adhere to the principle of grinding iron bars into needles. If you are too vain, you will become lazy. If you know something difficult, you will retreat. By their side, Chen Hailin students can identify the time of planting and purchasing hundreds of wild medicines. I learned how to use the manual medicine dispensing disease of acupuncture and moxibustion in my uncle. Professor Chen Hailin had a dream when he was a teenager. After five years of cold and hot weather, he accompanied his teacher for diagnosis. He was very responsible for the supervision of class reading. Worked in the daytime, lit lights at night and read at night, burned cream, memorized medical classics, and devoted themselves to seeking. In line with the principle of "always treating people as if they were ill, and saving others as if they were alive", he is serious and responsible for his work, strives for excellence in medical skills, and is considerate of patients. Professor Chen Hailin, no matter in the heat or cold, or in the middle of the night, should go to the patient's clinic rules in person if he is seriously ill and cannot see a doctor. He should not avoid filth and fussiness. He should inquire about the whole story in detail, get the situation, analyze and judge, and then treat him with a warm heart. Every patient feels the gratitude of his family, and his medical ethics is well-known in his hometown.


The tough environment stimulates people's morale, and the villagers awaken the motivation to learn medicine through hardship. Lack of medicine is a common phenomenon in the first 20 years, which also exists in Chen Hailin's hometown. "A minor illness, a serious illness, and a critical illness await death" is a true portrayal of the harsh medical environment in the region at that time.



Pure Chinese medicine treatment won the Russian International Gold Medal for Esophageal Cancer in October 2021



Pure Chinese medicine treatment won the Russian International Breast Cancer Silver Award in October 2021


Chen Hailin's kind-hearted mind was greatly impacted by the fact that many patients were tortured to death, and that as a doctor, he was powerless. The doctor's bounden duty to cure the sick and save the people encouraged him to embark on the path of practicing medicine, and he was determined to break out of the medical world and become a good doctor based on kindness and practicing medicine with virtue. His simple wish inspired him to go through many obstacles in his life. As a firm practitioner of reviving the Chinese medicine culture, Chen Hailin, a famous anti-cancer expert, has always taken the lead in advocating the exploration, inheritance and protection of Chinese medicine. He is forward-looking and takes the lead.



In recent years, the incidence rate and mortality of cancer have increased in China. Urban residents are worried that the cancer mortality rate has ranked first among the causes of death. At the current medical level, cancer is a relatively difficult disease to treat. The reason is that there are no signs in the early stage of cancer, and most patients are already in the late stage when they are found. Many patients feel "the sky is falling down" and "life is hopeless" once they get cancer. Chen Hailin's appearance brings hope to the majority of cancer patients.

近年来,在我国,肿瘤的发病率死亡率都有所增加,城市居民忧怅肿瘤死亡率已居死因第一位,在目前的医学水平下,癌症是一种比较难治的疾病。原因在于癌症早期没有征兆,大多数的病人发现时已经是晚期。很多患者一旦患上肿瘤,就觉得“天塌下来了”、“生活没有希望了”。 而陈海林的出现为广大癌症患者带去了希望。

In his decades long career as a doctor, Professor Chen Hailin has always insisted on the path of traditional Chinese medicine to fight cancer and asked why, Chen Hailin thought: "Traditional western medicine is nothing but a three pronged axe in treating cancer: surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and then check whether the patient has a recurrence of metastasis. If there is, radiotherapy and chemotherapy should be carried out. If there is no such thing as a passive waiting, the treatment process will not only make cancer patients extremely painful, but also make cancer families bear huge economic pressure. Therefore, he wanted to find another way for cancer patients, so he chose Chinese medicine without hesitation.


All great doctors must be calm and determined, have no desire or desire, show great kindness and hide behind others, and vow to save all spiritual suffering". As a Chinese medicine oncologist, a sense of sacred mission and lofty responsibility has inspired and encouraged Professor Chen Hailin again and again to continue to fight with the cancer devil tenaciously. Even if it is a lifelong effort, it is also necessary to work hard to save more people's lives.


It is this firm belief that has made Professor Chen Hailin successful in the field of traditional Chinese medicine anti-cancer, and has been affirmed by insiders and cancer patients' families.


Professor Chen Hailin discusses the radical treatment of malignant tumors with traditional Chinese medicine. After nearly 30 years of observation and treatment for patients with various diseases, the way and method for clinical cure is to organically combine the diagnostic means and imaging data of modern medicine under the guidance of the theory of "triple energizer gasification and multi-dimensional coordination" in traditional Chinese medicine. Results According to the prescription for symptomatic drugs, the gas exchange (mechanism) in and out of the gasification center (spleen and stomach) of the human body was carried out through the intervention of gasification, and the proliferation and metastasis of cancer cells were quickly stopped by entering the human focus, the mutant cancer cells were directly destroyed to repair the missing and mutant cells and cytoplasm, and the cancer cells were rapidly and orderly reversed into normal physiological cells through the multi-directional gasification evolution


The so-called "gasification" means that all kinds of life phenomena in the nature are generated on the basis of normal climate change in the nature. If there is gas, then there will be transformation. If there is no gas, then there will be no transformation


Theoretical basis: (The Great Theory of the Heavenly Yuan Dynasty) states: "In the sky, it is qi, and in the earth, it is form, and form and qi are related to each other to produce everything." Therefore, the understanding of human physiology and pathophysiology in the Internal Canon is also completely from the perspective of "qi". From the perspective of "qi", it studies the principles of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human physiological and pathological phenomena, so as to quickly achieve the goal of radical cure of tumors through the evolution of qi


The current situation and development trend of research and development at home and abroad can only be kept alive from materialization to invisibility and the popularity of gasification


1. Limitations of modern medical therapy in the treatment of malignant tumors


Throughout the historical development and evolution of western medical treatment methods for malignant tumors, it is obvious that tumor surgery, tumor radiology and tumor chemotherapy constitute the three pillars of modern tumor therapy. The rapid development of biological therapy and targeted therapy in recent years has added new weapons to the prevention and treatment of tumors


But surgery and radiotherapy are only important means of local treatment. Surgical treatment is most common for respiratory and digestive system tumors, with a 5-year survival rate of about 30%. Its biggest advantage is that it can completely remove the tumor But this is only suitable for early tumors; For patients in the middle and late stages, even if the operation can be performed, the effect is not ideal, But it is really difficult to "eradicate", at best, it is just "superficial treatment" "Yes, we have. From the autopsy of the patients who had undergone radical surgery, but had no obvious signs of clinical metastasis and recurrence, and who died entirely from other serious diseases, dense cells or clinical metastatic foci could be found, which can prove that: in addition, surgical resection can also have a certain functional impact, reducing the quality of life of patients. In addition, chemotherapy drugs can inhibit the growth of tumor cells or kill cancer cells, and at the same time, it can also affect the normal growth of the body All kinds of cells also have different degrees of toxicity. It is not too hard to describe it as "no distinction between ourselves and the enemy", especially the bone marrow hematopoietic cells and gastric mucosal epithelial cells suffered the most damage. In addition, the serious side effects of chemotherapy drugs, as well as multi drug resistance, are still very difficult problems.


The above drawbacks limit the application of these therapies in cancer treatment, especially in the treatment of advanced cancer.


2. The role of traditional Chinese medicine in the prevention and treatment of malignant tumors, especially advanced malignant tumors


Traditional Chinese medicine is a treasure of our traditional culture. It has made great contributions to the health care of the Chinese nation for thousands of years and still plays an important role today. After liberation, while excavating and sorting out the precious heritage of the motherland's medicine, the Party and the government strongly advocated the unity of Chinese medicine and Western medicine to open up a new way of combining Chinese medicine with Western medicine to prevent and treat diseases. It clearly put forward the slogan that Chinese medicine, western medicine and integrated traditional and western medicine should co-exist to learn from each other and develop together. After decades of efforts, remarkable achievements have been made. In terms of cancer prevention and treatment, especially in the treatment of middle and late stage malignant tumors, the traditional Chinese medicine has shown strong vitality in the integration of heaven, earth and man, people-oriented, holistic concept and treatment based on syndrome differentiation.


The use of traditional Chinese medicine to treat malignant tumors has a long history, especially since the reform and opening up 40 years ago, the pace of research and development of traditional Chinese medicine on malignant tumors has been rapidly developed. A large number of clinical practices have shown that traditional Chinese medicine can improve the symptoms of tumor patients. Improving the quality of life and prolonging the survival period play an irreplaceable role in other therapies, especially for many patients with middle and late stage cancer who cannot be operated and treated with radiotherapy, or who have failed in chemotherapy, or who have relapsed and metastasized after surgery and radiotherapy, some symptoms can be significantly improved or completely cured through the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. Some of them have significantly prolonged survival. It was found in the observation that some patients with middle and late stage tumors were treated with traditional Chinese medicine alone, and the tumors actually shrunk or disappeared, which was amazing while carefully searching for the causes. It can be said that under the situation that the domestic and international tumor circles gradually regard "quality of life" and "life span" as the "gold standard", traditional Chinese medicine is an invincible miracle in the field of cancer treatment.


3. Project characteristics and innovation


Cancer itself Its complexity is a disease different from all human diseases in essence. It needs to expand the space of thinking and imagination from multiple levels, multiple levels, multiple systems, multiple directions, multiple paths and multiple channels. The treatment result: the main prescription of the medicine for the disease is gasified to intervene in the gasification center (spleen and stomach) in the human body, and the gas exchange (mechanism) is carried out to raise and lower people out of the body and enter the focus. Quickly curb the spread and metastasis of cancer cells, directly destroy the mutated cancer cells to repair the missing mutated cells and cytoplasm. Through multi-directional gasification evolution, the cancer cells can be rapidly reversed into normal physiological cells in a stable and orderly manner


4. Comparison and competitive advantage with similar diseases after treatment


Traditional Chinese medicine, with its unique characteristics, plays a unique advantage in the treatment of malignant tumors. Based on the theory of triple energizer qi chemistry of traditional Chinese medicine, the principles of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human physiological phenomena, pathological phenomena and diseases are studied, so as to quickly achieve the goal of radical cure of tumors through the evolution of qi


According to several characteristics of malignant tumors in traditional Chinese medicine, ① patients do not need to endure the pain caused by western medical treatment methods such as chemotherapy and referral, which greatly reduces the treatment cost. ② After clinical cure, the patient will not transfer or recur without taking medicine for several years. After living for many years, even the death will not be caused by cancer, but by other diseases. ③ After clinical cure, the quality of life and vital signs of the patients can participate in various labor and social activities as well as healthy people


5 Market Analysis and Forecast


1. At the 2008 International Oncology Annual Meeting, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that cancer would replace cardiovascular disease as the disease with the largest number of deaths in the world in 2010, while the previously feared cardiovascular disease (stroke and myocardial infarction) would take the second place. The amount of medicine used doubled in five years. 2. With the continuous improvement of medical diagnosis level and the rapid popularization and use of high-end diagnostic imaging equipment, the number of patients who have been accurately diagnosed with breast cancer, lung cancer, gastric cancer and other common tumor diseases is rising. According to the statistics of WHO, 10 million new cancer cases and 6.2 million deaths occurred globally in 2001, and 15 million people suffered from cancer in 2013. In 2020, the number of new cancer patients in the world will rise to 19.29 million, while in the past few years, the number of cancer patients worldwide will reach more than 7 million each year. In addition to the increasing cancer incidence rate in developing countries and emerging industrial countries, the cancer incidence rate in western developed countries led by the United States is also at a high level. With such shocking data, the road to cancer treatment is urgent.


Chen Hailin, under the leadership of an old Chinese doctor uncle, became familiar with Chinese medicine when he was young. Because he saw his neighbors suffering from cancer in his youth, he was determined to conquer cancer. With his efforts, he studied cancer treatment methods from the Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine and many Chinese medicine books. From the 1990s to the present, he has cured thousands of cancer patients with Chinese medicine. As a historical treasure of China for thousands of years, Chinese medicine is the most precious treasure left over from history. China is recognized as a large country of plant medicine in the world, and has a history of using Chinese herbal medicine for thousands of years. It is recorded that there are more than 12000 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines in China, and thousands of Chinese herbal medicines are used to treat cancer. TCM anti-cancer is an inevitable choice for cancer treatment. It is planned to popularize the anti-cancer of traditional Chinese medicine throughout the country within five years. In the next ten years, the treatment of cancer with traditional Chinese medicine will go global. In the middle of this century, traditional Chinese medicine will completely conquer cancer. China has a vast territory and a large population. Therefore, medical science and technology researchers in China should make great efforts to screen highly effective anti-cancer drugs from domestic plants and bring them to the market.


We will make unremitting efforts to thoroughly eradicate malignant tumors in order to revitalize the medical cause of the motherland.




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There is no light burden on a long road. How can you smell plum blossom without a cold? In retrospect, he has experienced too much in the difficult years over the past few decades. To sum up, 99 percent of his sweat and one percent of his inspiration: he has achieved leaps and bounds in more than 40 years. Professor Chen Hailin is still exploring the space of imagination in multiple levels, multiple levels, multiple systems, multiple directions, multiple paths and multiple channels. Based on the traditional culture "Book of Changes", "Five Elements" Buqigong, Yin and Yang, health and other disciplines. Under the guidance of the theory of "triple energizer gasification and multi-dimensional coordination" in traditional Chinese medicine, the diagnostic means of non modern medicine are organically combined with imaging data. Formulate a prescription for symptomatic drugs to conduct gasification intervention in the body. During the process of gasification, the fir (spleen and stomach) travels up and down through the gas exchange (mechanism) to enter the focus, quickly curb the spread and metastasis of cancer cells, directly destroy the sudden cancer cells to repair the missing cells and cytoplasm, and reverse the cancer cells into normal physiological cells. Theoretical basis: According to Tian Yuan Wan Da Lun, "In the sky, it is qi, and in the ground, it is shape. The shape and qi are related to each other, and everything is generated." Therefore, the understanding of human physiology and pathophysiology in the Internal Canon is still from the perspective of "gasification". The research of human physiological phenomena, pathological phenomena, and the principles of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases is still carried out from the perspective of "gasification", and the goal of radical cure of tumors is achieved quickly through the development of gasification. It has created a comprehensive treatment plan for cancer with unique Chinese traditional medicine characteristics and no innovation.


Knowing cancer, conquering cancer, and breaking the curse that human beings cannot conquer cancer, Professor Chen Hailin has devoted himself to cancer treatment for decades. He has a tough character and always has a heart that is unwilling to be mediocre. No matter how hard or tired he is, he cannot shake his determination to strive for success. It is precisely in the spirit of returning to the same kind that he has spent more than 40 years of his life from a young man to a beautiful man, continuing his tireless pursuit of the motherland's medicine and his great medical feelings of eliminating diseases for the people. Chen Hailin, a student, thinks about the patients and the people who are worried about them. He explores, studies, inherits and innovates the valuable experience left by his predecessors. He goes up the mountain to dig medicine, takes medicine and tests medicine himself, and finds out the strength of medicine for treating various modern diseases, which more clearly reflects the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in treating modern diseases. Rapid recovery, short course of treatment and low efficiency (the mainstream of the national medical reform) negate all kinds of fallacies that question TCM! Bring the most exquisite medical skills to every patient. With the noble medical ethics and exquisite technology, the patients have achieved the miraculous curative effect, reduced the use of infusion and antibiotics, and at the same time, it has good safety, effectiveness, and practicality. It is a subject of healthy green therapy in Chinese medicine.


Health is the eternal pursuit of mankind, which determines the sense of gain of the masses and relates to the appearance and status of the nation. The outline of the "Fourteenth Five Year Plan" puts forward that the comprehensive promotion of the construction of a healthy China marks a new journey for the development of China's medical and health services. Healthy China, sharing health, is coming into reality from a dream. Chen Hailin has witnessed too many farewells, tasted countless joys and sorrows, and has been under great responsibility pressure. The drop of water wears away the stone, not because of its strength, but because of its perseverance and perseverance. In his decades of clinical career, Chen Hailin has been working hard to extend cancer treatment to a deeper level. The clinical research he valued has increasingly become the top priority of medical development. The level of clinical research has also become one of the important benchmarks of the national pharmaceutical innovation ability, and has even been mentioned by countries around the world as a strategic height related to the national economy and people's livelihood and national development. Through many years of clinical practice, President Chen Hailin has applied for 21 invention patents in brain tumors, middle and upper esophageal cancers, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, laryngeal cancer, cardiac cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, common bile duct cancer, bone cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer, lymphatic cancer, breast cancer, neural malignancies, etc. more than 30 kinds of cancers have been clinically cured using traditional Chinese medicine. It has made important contributions to the innovation of traditional Chinese medicine in tumor treatment.


Traditional Chinese medicine contains thousands of years of health care philosophy and practical experience of the Chinese nation. It is a treasure of Chinese civilization and embodies the broad wisdom of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation. President Chen Hailin has been advocating; The radical cure of malignant tumors with traditional Chinese medicine is an inevitable choice for the development of medicine in the world today.


The hundred year Chinese Dream has a long way to go. The reason why traditional Chinese medicine has such strong vitality cannot be separated from the continuous struggle and concerted efforts of generations of Chinese medicine practitioners to make new contributions to the development of traditional Chinese medicine. President Chen Hailin has worked hard for more than 40 years to achieve the goal of treating cancer with traditional Chinese medicine. Honor and bless life, practice benevolence, innovate and conquer 21 kinds of cancer, constantly improve the quality of service, and make new contributions to promoting the healthy China action and better safeguarding and protecting people's health! Today in the 21st century, this year also coincides with the 100th anniversary of the founding of CPC. Chen Hailin has opened up many new possibilities for the treatment of other types of cancer and rare cancers by tackling the potential of various cancer treatments and applying the multi-dimensional synergy theory of Triple Energizer gasification in traditional Chinese medicine. In order to commemorate the development of modern medicine and the progress of science, it is full of twists and hardships. President Chen Hailin named this great project 321 Project, which is also the dominant life project for human beings to overcome cancer gasification. President Chen Hailin is people-oriented, the unity of man and nature, and the constant integrity, based on the dialectical theory of governing according to local conditions and people; To consolidate the root and clear the source, treat both symptoms and root causes, moisten the lung and kidney, disperse the knot and remove blood stasis, replenish qi and blood, and reverse the pathological cells into normal physiological cells while differentiating viruses. It is not difficult to see that the transmission of the patient's tongue coating, the CT report and my own statement prove that traditional Chinese medicine has twice the result with half the effort in treating the sequela of a new type of virus.


President Chen Hailin played a unique role in the prevention and treatment of major infectious diseases., The effect of traditional Chinese medicine has been recognized by the world, and he himself has been rated as an international anti epidemic meritorious figure.


President Chen Hailin has brought health to countless cancers and solved this worldwide problem. However, Chen Hailin knows that there are still more unknowns in the field of cancer that he needs to explore. Revitalizing traditional Chinese medicine and conquering various cancers have always been his sacred duty and mission, as well as his lifelong pursuit! The ingenuity of Chinese medicine is the best. Professor Chen Hailin has made countless achievements in the cause of traditional Chinese medicine, but he will certainly not stop because of this. He will only go further and further, pass on the great beauty and great kindness to more people, and let traditional Chinese medicine go out of China and into the world.

陈海林院长为无数的癌症带来了健康,破解了这个世界性难题。但陈海林深知癌症领域还有更多的未知需要他去探索,振兴中医,攻克各种癌症,始终作为他神圣的职责和使命,也是他毕生的追求! 匠心中医,至善至美。陈海林教授在中医事业中成就无数,但他定然不会因此停下,只会越走越远,将大美大善传给更多人,让中医走出中国,走向世界。


Some cases of treatment:



Patient: Mr. Chen, 63 years old, was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and pancreatic uncinate cyst in Hunan People's Hospital in June 2021. The patient with 15.8cm of pancreatic uncinate cyst was very serious. Because of his age and poor physical quality, the hospital recommended conservative treatment. When the doctor in the hospital had given up treatment and the family lost hope, he met Professor Chen Hailin in October this year through the introduction of the patient's daughter friend (the daughter friend's mother had just taken Professor Chen Hailin's traditional Chinese medicine to cure lymphatic cancer). Professor Chen was very worried about such a serious disease, so he quickly arranged the patient's family to go to Shanxi for consultation. After a series of inquiries, Professor Chen wrote a prescription based on his years of experience,


The patient used to take painkillers to relieve the pain every day. After taking Professor Chen's Chinese medicine for half a month, he no longer needs to take painkillers. Now, after taking the medicine for a month, he has obviously improved his vitality and is gradually recovering.



Patient: Mr. Qin Shuan, 52, Nanzhuang Village, Lucheng District, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province. According to the examination of four hospitals, the range of bladder cancer was 23mmx24mm. After 30 days of treatment with traditional Chinese medicine, it returned to zero. Cystoscopy was performed on December 3, 2000, and the cystoscopy was generally normal. For 21 years now, he has participated in agricultural labor all his life. He has been cured once and never took medicine, relapsed or transferred.



Patient: Li Mouzhi, female, 73 years old, is a family member of a famous doctor in Hangang Hospital. Upon examination, the drugs were abnormally concentrated in thoracic vertebrae 8 to 9 and lumbar vertebrae 3 to 4, and multiple bone malignancies were diagnosed. He started taking traditional Chinese medicine on March 2, 1998. On April 20, 1998, the ECT of Hangang Hospital showed that the osteogenesis of thoracic vertebra 8 was enhanced, and the osteogenesis of lumbar vertebra 3 and 4 was basically normal! Jing Peng was clinically cured with Professor Chen Hailin's special Chinese medicine for 48 days. On May 1, he accompanied five of us on a 4-mile walk to the station to see Professor Chen Hailin off!



Patient: Yang Mouhu, male, 38 years old, from Lujiazhuang Village, th